Family HUMILITY Towel



Dear Lord, Jesus Christ, You taught all Your Father's children of the world, in Your most supreme lesson ever taught, on humility and service-to-others, in The “Washing of The Disciples' Feet,” that we all must bow down to one another, understanding that we are all God's children. As such, it is impossible for any one of us, to believe that we are "better than another," or for any one of us to believe that we are "above another." Therefore, Lord, I know what I must do now, I must pick up my own Family Humility Towel and follow Your humble example and make my daily part of the world a better place.


   With You in my daily journey,    

I matter, LORD

 With You in my daily journey,

 I make a difference, LORD


 With You in my daily journey,

  I will not fail, LORD


With You in my daily journey,

   It's okay to be ME, LORD






Uses of the Family Humility Towel by  
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youth ministries, retreats, faith 
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received by the Family Humility Towel
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embrace reflect upon and enjoy. 


Family Humility Towel; the concept and vision of the Family Humility Towel was created and inspired by the Holy Spirit while attending Holy Thursday Mass, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas. The inspiration was overwhelming as Fr. Eduardo closed his Homily with "Pick up your towel to make our world a better place." In our zeal to share the inspiration that the Holy Spirit bestowed upon us, the Family Humility Towel and Jesus' lesson of humility and service-to-others with fellow Catholics from throughout the world, the Family Humility Towel was established. The Family Humility Towel exists for only one purpose, (committed to) promoting the Catholic faith through: the Family Humility Towel, the Advent Reflection Lesson-Plan, the Family Wall Calendar (the Jesus' SERVICE-TO-OTHERS (12 Disciples / 12 Month) Calendar) and the "Service-To-Others" (SUNDAY), all of which are new catholic family  traditions  through  religious education.




Family Humility Towel: The Family Humility Towel objective is to spread the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel, the Gospel of (John 13:3-15) to all peoples of the world; our mission is for the POWER of the TOWEL, to inspire Christian families from throughout the world to own and proudly display, in their home, the Family Humility Towel for all those who enter to enjoy, embrace and reflect upon, as a DAILY REMINDER of humility and service-to-others, as our Lord, Christ Jesus taught us.



The Family Humility Towel focuses on unique, visionary concepts, that specifically, embrace and proclaim Jesus' most SUPREME lesson and message ever taught on HUMILITY and SERVICE-TO-OTHERS by our Lord, Jesus Christ, Himself.



The Family HUMILITY Towel is endorsed by the Catholic Youth Foundation, in Washington DC.. A percent from each Family Humility Towel sold helps youth and youth ministry. To learn more, please visit



The Family HUMILITY Towel was inspired by the Holy Spirit and was built on a noble and altruistic foundation.



The Family HUMILITY Towel takes an incredible amount of work, effort, planning and strategizing in an open market system that makes any business venture difficult or unlikely to succeed, especially one of this nature. 



The Family HUMILITY Towel, is produced (screen printed) in multiple languages. Then, massive global marketing and research is needed and involved to insure its continued success to Christians world-wide, efforting to invite the world of its known presence and to receive its powerful message.



The Family HUMILITY Towel has been well BLESSED by the Power of the Holy Spirit. With generous hearts, for the GOOD and the GLORY of God and in honor of the Blessed Holy Trinity, costs for the Family Humility Towel have been kept down to a very nominal cost of $10.00 each. Thus, the Family Humility Towel is attainable and affordable to all those who seek to embrace the Family Humility Towel and its Holy lesson, by Christ Jesus, Himself.



The Family Humility Towel understands that keeping the Family Humility Towel at a nominal cost, is the backbone, for it is appealing and affordable to all and without this, all else would be for not... So, thanks be to God and may we continue to be blessed by the Holy Spirit, so our costs can be kept nominal WITHOUT compromising quality or customer service.



The Family Humility Towel specializes in bringing unique, creative and innovative ideas, concepts and visions to LIFE that enhance Christian Faith inspired through GOOD WORKS. The Family Humility Towel is committed and dedicated to providing quality silk screen printing, cutting edge and innovative computer graphic design artwork, website design and maintenance and a full comprehensive marketing, research and developmental strategy for "classroom" Religious Education/Faith Formation Lesson-Plans and/or campaigns, including Youth Ministry. The Family Humility Towel provides the highest level of Christian standards and work ethics that focus on spiritual and educational values for all those involved, while encouraging, raising awareness and helping to bring "FAMILY" unity back to the forefront of our society. 


The Family HUMILITY Towel is a blessing, it
     recognizes the good in another person
         and it lifts that person up to God.


             Who do you wish to bless and
                    lift up to God in this way?



 April 5, 2013 



Yes, the Lord has Risen !
Very busy time for me but a blessed one. Thank you for your thoughts.
I took a photo of the 12 young men holding their Humility Towel. They loved it.
One of them said: Can I take it to school and use it? I listened. Then he said No,
it would be disrespectful because it was used for me here to remember what Jesus did. 
So I could understand him wanting to take it to school to use as a towel since he wanted it with him but the 2nd choice was respectful and sacred. He is going to frame it he said. In the end he thanked me and I told him remember You are to be of Service to others OK?

He smiled. 

It was good....

God Bless You,

San Antonio, TX

April 23, 2013

Kevin, what a beautiful presentation. You know Kevin, I have come to the realization that the reason the Holy Spirit inspired you on this wonderful and powerful message of humility; is that He knew you would get his message of humility out to all his people; he also knew that you would act on it and not let grass grow under your feet.

Kevin you are doing a fantastic job! We are so blessed as a church to have you.

Our service of washing of the feet was absolutely inspiring! On April 14 we had 48 Confirmation Candidates that were to be confirmed on April 19, 2013. 

We wanted to leave a strong message to these candidates of "service". Confirmation is to be of service to others. The teens in a very solemn ceremony washed one another's feet. They also escorted their teachers into the circle and washed their feet as well. The ceremony was very serene and reflective and humbling for all. Every one received "The Family Humility Towel" after the washing. There were tears of peace and love. At the end of the service we held hands and after a reflection we said a prayer, then gave one another the sign of "Peace".

God bless you as you continue to spread this very important message of humility. Praying for you.

Director of Religious Education  

San Antonio, Texas

 March 22, 2013 



As always, it is good to hear from you.

FYI – Pope Francis will be washing the feet of young people this Holy Thursday. It would be great if you could gift the Holy Father with this towel.

Thanks for staying in touch.


Washington, DC.                                                                                                                   

 April 16, 2013 

Dear Kevin,

"... on behalf of the parish of St. James the Apostle I would like to thank your noble ministry in facilitating this work..."

" was wonderful to see families of our St. James parish sign their names in the nice Family Humility Towel. Indeed, this reminds us of our Christian living is like a towel: the Gospel, liturgy and daily life interaction must motivate us towards service to God and each other. Our Eucharist only becomes real after we leave the church. The Eucharist, if it is to be real, is essentially the sign of a living, loving, mutually serving community of brothers and sisters. We would like to Thank the Family Humility Towel Ministry in making this symbol a reality check for our community.God Bless your ministry!

Fr. San Antonio, TX

 March 14, 2013  


"The Family Humility Towel is a beautiful, spiritual gift for any occasion.


""As a Director of Religious Education for over 22 years, I have never seen any teaching material for such a sacred moment in Jesus' life..."


"When I first heard of it, my first thought was 'What a wonderful Teaching Tool' for Religious Education and spirituality in the home. It's hands on call to action. It's informative, and educates

on the meaning of Humility, Gratitude and Service."


"All the love and spiritual work that went into creating the 'Family Humility Towel' and Life Lessons we can learn from Jesus washing his disciples can help so many families and individuals grow closer to the life Jesus is calling us to live."


"'The Family Humility Towel' is a beautiful gift to treasure for a life time. The price of $3.00 per towel is a price affordable for everyone."


Sincerely In Christ,

Director of Religious Education

San Antonio, Texas




 March 28, 2013

A funny thing happened to me on the one year anniversary of the Family HUMILITY Towel. As I sat in the church for Holy Thursday Mass, a church that I had never been to prior. The only reason for going this time was because Fr. was going to bless some Family HUMILITY Towels that some parishioners had  purchased. I thought that was very special, so I attended the mass to be able to witness this, on our first anniversary. Mass proceeded as usual, and then, it was time for Fr. to wash the feet of the select 12. Fr. went to get ready, taking off his chasuble and placing his stole around his neck, he then turned around and faced the congregation and began to walk toward the 12, when I noticed something different… I was sitting way in the back of the church, and my eye sight not being what it used to be, I wasn't sure, but as Fr. got closer and closer, I quickly questioned myself, was I seeing correctly, it was, he did, Fr. had the Family  HUMILITY Towel draped over his cincture (the cord used as a belt to grid the Alb), as if he folded the Family HUMILITY Towel (as seen in the photo above)  just so, proudly displaying the image of Christ  Jesus that was on the Towel as to show the congregation, the world, and JESUS, Himself, that He was, indeed, a proud Disciple of Christ by way of example. Literally, emulating exactly what Christ, Jesus did over 2,000 years ago in the “upper room,” with one exception, this particular priest, wrapped the FAMILY HUMILITY TOWEL around his waist as he began to wash the feet of his select 12 in service to his community… Talk about following by way of example…. It gets NO BETTER THAN THIS. This was, indeed, special to witness.

I was so touched, a tear fell from my eyes… my first thought was Praise Jesus, the POWER of the TOWEL…I remember feeling that here is a priest, a pastor, retiring this year, who has probably washed many a feet on Holy Thursday throughout his priesthood years, and yet on this day, this particular Holy Thursday, 2013, the POWER of the TOWEL inspired him so much, he chose to be close to our Lord in a very particular, meaningful and blessed way. One in which he had never done before, for the Family HUMILITY Towel wasn't created until 2012... I will never forget that moment in time and what I witnessed that evening, for it was, indeed, one of the most inspirational, most beautiful and genuine acts of love for our Lord that I have ever, personally, witnessed in my entire life and believe it or not it gets better...

After mass, I asked Fr. about this, just as humble as his act was, embracing the Family HUMILITY Towel, he looked at me, and without hesitation his comment was equally humbled, he simply responded, “isn't that what the towel is for.?” and just like that, he gazed at me as if, shouldn't we all know this to be true… I looked at him in total astonishment, marvel and splendor and simply replied AMEN, the POWER of the TOWEL and hugged him. I was in the presence of pure humility and service that special Holy Thursday evening… Thanks be to God.

 March 19, 2013 


Dear Kevin,


"This letter is in regard to the beautiful "Humility Towel". First I want to thank you for being obedient to the initial prompting of the Holy Spirit, regarding the fabrication of this towel. This message along with the image brings one to the realization of what we as Christians have been called to do in this amazing journey of life and that is to be of service to one another in all humility...


"I showed the catechists the Humility Towel and of course immediately the reaction was awesome, they loved the towel...


"Kevin once again, thanks for this visible and palpable message in a towel.



Coordinator Religious Education

San Antonio, TX

 August 27, 2012 


"... Of Course, I love the message (John 13: 3-15), I love the artwork, and it is even a great towel!"


"...Our young people are exposed to so many messages these days. It is refreshing to see the message of Jesus proclaimed in such a creative and meaningful way."


Washington, DC

 February 03, 2013 


Dear Kevin,


Thank you for your ministry and commitment to the Lord! Blessings,


San Antonio, TX

 March 21, 2013 

In the Year of Our Lord 2013

I say:

Greetings Mr. Kevin Held,

I am extremely Grateful Our Lord found me Worthy to assist you in a small way.

I am always seeking opportunities to help our children and youth learn about Jesus and pray it will lead to a personal encounter with Him. Teaching "Life Lessons" to help them grow in faith so they can be successful in life.

You know, I found myself reflecting once again on our Mission Statement that hangs in our
Religious Education Building. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as I look at the image we have of the "Washing of the Feet" and the word "SERVICE" (that we have in caps letter) it has been a while since I read it. I am always so busy around here. I do believe the Lord was saying:
"STOP" slow down, Breath, Now Go Forth.

What a Beautiful message and feeling I have experienced in doing just that. So I Thank You.
Through the Grace of God, we helped each other. So, you need to continue going forth in spreading Our Lord's message. Catechesis, is the answer and the Towel the symbol. Like I said before:

"What a beautiful Teaching Tool" in such a sacred moment in Jesus Christ life.

Kevin Held, you already have the support of the Catholic Youth Foundation. Mr. Donald McCrabb, wrote a wonderful letter to you. Your contribution to the Catholic Youth Foundation USA, is truly something to be admired. It surely will benefit the youth, to Learn and grow in faith. That is what the world needs to do. Help, Teach our children and youth to grow in faith, but a faith that will take root and produce Good Works for Jesus.

I will close, with a comment: Held- to hold, McCrabb to take hold what a combination. 

May the Grace of God be with you, All for the Good and Glory of God!

In Christ,

Director of Religious Education - San Antonio, Texas

  October 29, 2012 


... "I must say I was very impressed with the towel... if I had been presented this towel; I would cherish it for the beautiful message and I would display it in my home and probably in my dining room, as a reminder that my family and I should practice humility in every circumstance of my life.


"I was also very impressed with Mr. Held, he truly wants to send this message out to the community. I am sure that he will share with you how this inspiration for this towel came about. I can only say that it truly is a work of the Holy Spirit."


"The towel is very affordable."


Coordinator of Religious Education

San Antonio, TX



 March 17, 2013


Photo below - at a, "Service-To-Others" (Parish Weekend), Signing of the Family HUMILITY Towel, a parishioner shares that, as a mother, she will be giving one Family HUMILITY Towel to each of her five (5) children... WOW, a mom, reaching out to her grown children letting "the towel" remind her children of humility and service-to-others - now, that my dear brothers and sisters, in Christ Jesus, IS THE POWER OF THE TOWEL...

How wonderful and beautiful is that?

Thanks be to God.

San Antonio, TX

 May 13, 2012 


I like it very much. As usual, you are very creative. The towel is very symbolic and a clever idea.


Bless your website.


Fr. Jude

New York

  October 31, 2012  

Hartford, CT

 December 03, 2012 


Dear Kevin,


Peace in Jesus Christ!


In looking over your materials, I think this is a great idea. I definitely endorse it and will pray for it’s success.


In the Heart of Our Mother,


San Antonio, TX

 January 9, 2013 




This is awesome...



Hartford, Connecticut 

Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

 January 09, 2013 


Hi, I teach 2nd grade CCD, as well as work with Catholic Girl Scouts.


I just think they would be a perfect tangible reminder of our lesson on Holy Thursday.

Hartford, CT

February 07, 2013


"I was grateful you gave each one of us there present a beautiful humility towel."

"This is going to be ON FIRE !"


"... I was thrill to show the Family Humility Towel to our RCIA coordinator and St. Vincent de Paul Society.
They already wanted to order. I will meet with our pastor next week and see how he would like to
use this awesome gift of yours with our community."


Director of Religious Education

San Antonio TX

February 15, 2013 


"I feel that your presentation went very well. The DRE’s seemed very appreciative. At least some of them have been proposing ways they could be used in their parishes, such as with the Confirmation students... All in all I was very pleased with both the presentation and the product, as were the others in attendance..."


Yours in Christ,


San Antonio, TX

 April 8-13 

"...Everyone that I have asked if they have heard of the Family Humility Towel, respond with "yes" they have seen it or heard of it, so keep up the good work of spreading this message. God bless you and keep you from any kind of discouragement, disappointments or negative feed backs."

Director of Religious Education
San Antonio, TX

 March 04, 2013 

I would like to order ninety (90) Family Humility Towels for our Confirmation Retreat which will be held on

Sunday, March 24th...



Director, Religious Education

San Antonio, TX



 March 17, 2013


Photo below - at a "Service-To-Others" (Parish Weekend), Parish Community Signing of the Family HUMILITY Towel, a parishioner shares, after purchasing a Family HUMILITY Towel she returned the next day to purchase three (3) more to give to her neighbors... (from a different parish). Thinking of others and how, "the towel" might be able to help ones “neighbors” - as a reminder of humility and service-to-others, now, that my dear brothers and sisters, now, that my dear brothers and sisters, in Christ Jesus, IS THE POWER OF THE TOWEL...

How wonderful and beautiful is that?

Thanks be to God.

San Antonio, TX

Family HUMILITY Towels (beautifully framed)

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Jesus. The Family Humility Towel has underwent a complete, comprehensive artistic change in the summer and early fall of 2013. Several months of more than 600 hundred hours went into redesigning the original image and artwork. 

We are extremely proud to present, to all peoples of the world, your new and most improved sacred image of the Family Humility Towel commemorating and honoring Jesus' most supreme lesson He ever taught on humility and service-to-others, in the "Washing of the Disciples' Feet."


+ The Family Humility Towel focuses on humility, gratitude, and  service-to-others and builds on those ideas and develops the idea of community and discipleship.

+ The towel itself — with its beautiful artwork and scripture passage — is a powerful reminder  of Jesus' washing of His disciples' feet. 

+  For many, it becomes an icon into who Jesus is and His life of humility and service-to-others.

+ Jesus' lesson He taught on humility and service-to-others is not just a lesson He wanted us to remember once a year, during Lent, rather, He wants us to live a daily life of humility and service-to-others, all the days of our life, throughout the liturical year, especially during the Lenten and Advent seasons. 

+ The Family Humility Towel reminds us, that without humility and service-to-others others we cannot imitate our Lord, Christ Jesus, making it impossible to be close to God. 

Please pray for the continued success of our efforts to proclaim Jesus' most supreme lesson He ever taught on humility and service-to-others through the Family Humility Towel and its unique Lesson-Plans. Our dream is much deeper than presenting a piece of art – we want to present the commitment of young people to humility and service-to-others.

(Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the new artwork and image is dedicated to our dear sister in Christ, Jesus, Genna)